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                                Welcome to Amron International Organization


Our Certified Recovery Coaches are trained to serve as personal guides and mentors for people seeking recovery from addictions and help to remove obstacles and barriers to recovery in a non-clinical setting.  We believe in multiple paths to recovery.


Our Mental Health Peer Support Specialists advocate on behalf of our clients to help them navigate health and social service systems. Having lived experience and in Recovery of the System, we plan, organize, develop, lead and facilitate workshops to educate clients on developing marketable skills.  We assist clients in outpatient and inpatient settings. 




Our Psychological Researchers design and conduct empirical projects with original data collection & analysis. We perform comprehensive literature review of substansive articles in peer reviewed journals for interpretation of results.  AMRON International's research is primarily focused on mental illness and psychotropic drugs, substance use disorder and recovery.



Headquarters located in Boston MA USA 




Our staff are dedicated, compassionate and friendly

Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader.  AMRONINTERNATIONAL.ORG constantly strives to exceed your expectations.

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Peer Support Activist Ziona Rivera

Ziona Rivera is a self published Author and Peer Support Activist. She is most known for writing controversial works such as Love & Suicide(2015) that talks about spirituality, love, suicide contemplation, and more. Ziona has always been a gifted writer since the young age of 6. With her mother into journaling, it came natural to her. In 2005, Ziona was diagnosed with Insomnia and was experiencing behavioral health issues throughout her adolescent years. Struggling with Insomnia, she spent her long sleepless nights writing and studying astrology. She was later diagnosed with Social Anxiety and Bipolar during her first stay on a Psychiatric Inpatient Adolescent Unit. In 2011, Ziona was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder. Determined to be the best writer she could be she decided to stay away from the streets and master her craft. Ziona then published her first book in 2012 titled Da Vision: The Veil; but has republished it as The Mental Stigma (2017).

For the last 2 years, Ziona has geared all her efforts into peer support and takes any given opportunity to run peer groups on inpatient units around Massachusetts. She advocates for the mental health community in such a creative way she says, “I won’t stop until people living with mental diagnosis no longer live with the stigma of being incapable to function in society.”


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